BlinQ Blossom

Origin: Africa
Flavour: briny, Juicy, Slightly Sour
Use: Fish. Shellfish. Spring vegetable dishes.
Culture: Socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: Year-round
Shelf Life: Up to 7 days at 36-40F
Packaging: 50 ct. Blossoms

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BlinQ Blossoms make a stunning statement to your guests: these blossoms are the caviar of edible flowers. Tiny glistening bubbles burst and generate a fresh juicy sensation in your mouth. The blossoms look like they are frozen in ice or made from crystals! The delicate flowers have white filament thin petals and some pink and purple tinting. Perfect as an added salty pop of flavor to vegetable dishes, or your favorite fish or shellfish preparation. Serve them with blini and crème fraiche as a vegetarian caviar appetizer!

BlinQ is a very unusual plant that also happens to be very delicious! It originates from the dry rocky soils of Africa, but can now be found in parts of California and the Mediterranean. The water cells on the blossoms exterior function to reserve water for the plant. As the plant grows, it naturally accumulates salt from the surrounding soil. At the end of its life cycle, it releases the accumulated salt back into the soil– making it difficult for other plants, aside from its own kind, to grow in the same area.

Availability and Storage
BlinQ Blossom is available year round and should be stored between 36 and 40F for up to seven days. Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods, BlinQ Blossoms also satisfy hygiene standards in the kitchen.