Leopard Leaves

Origin: Tropics and Subtropics
Flavour: crab apple, tart
Use: cocktails, desserts, entrees, salads, seafood
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: year-round
Shelf Life: Up to 7 days at 36-40°F
Packaging: Tamper-evident clamshells; 25 ct.

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Leopard Leaves have a tart, crab apple flavor and are perfect for salads and desserts. They compliment tropical fruit desserts, fresh cocktails, and summer salads. Their slight acidity offsets rich ingredients such as foie gras, meat, and seafood.

Our heirloom Leopard Leaves are a rare breed carefully selected from over 1,500 different species.

Sustainability & Food-Safety
Leopard Leaves are cultivated in a socially responsible manner using environmentally friendly biological crop-protection systems. Grown in an ultra-hygienic and sustainable environment, our Leopard Leaves are produced under strict HACCP guidelines and only need to be rinsed under water.