Majii Leaves

Origin: Africa
Flavour: juicy with undertones of pine, lemon, neutral
Use: injected with alcohol or liquids, seared fish
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: Year-round
Shelf Life: up to 10 days at 36 to 40°F
Packaging: Tamper evident clamshells, 25 ct. leaves

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Majii Leaves are an edible succulent. The leaves’ natural capacity to store moisture allows them to be infused with any flavor. Combine them with langoustine and green grapes, or with sour ingredients such as rhubarb. For the best taste combination, balance the Majii Leaves with sweet ingredients.

Oval-shaped leaves of a special succulent that originates from Africa. The leaves naturally store water for dry periods. This explains the name, which means ‘water’ in Swahili.

The leaves are cultivated in a socially responsible manner using environmentally friendly biological crop-protection systems.