Micro Celebration Mix

Origin: South America
Flavour: Herbaceous, Light and Springy
Use: Appetizers and Sandwiches, Seafood and Meat, Soups and Salads
Culture: Socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: Year-round
Shelf Life: Up to ten days at 36°F to 40°F
Packaging: 3 oz Clamshell, 6 oz Clamshell

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Micro Celebration Mix is a premier blend of our favorite microgreens and edible flowers. The mix was uniquely created with chefs in mind. A rainbow spectrum of vibrantly colored microgreens including cool, light & rich, dark greens, ignited with warm shades of red and an extra spark of color from our blossoms.

Example Dish
Young Lettuces with Crispy Skin Salmon, Almond, Shaved Radish, and Micro Celebration Mix.

Sustainability & Food-Safety
Micro Celebration Mix is grown in a sustainable manner using an environmentally friendly biological crop-protection system. Because Micro Celebration Mix is grown in a natural fiber instead of dirt, it satisfies hygiene standards in the kitchen.