Origin: South America
Flavour: cucumber, tart
Use: pickled, summer salad
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: April until November
Shelf Life: up to 10 days at 34-36°F
Packaging: 4 ounce clamshells or 8 ounce clamshells (approx 9 pieces per 1 oz)

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The micro-cucumber that looks like a tiny watermelon!

“…the world’s smallest watermelon” -  NY Daily News

 “Small but perfectly formed Pepquiño "micro melons", 20 times smaller than their full size counterparts” - Telegraph

“ … the world's only bite-sized melon” - Slashfood

All natural, the Pepquiño is a very ancient species which makes it difficult to determine its precise origin. Our research shows that this ‘micro-cucumber’ was first found in South America and is actually closely related to the melon. Pepquiño can be eaten whole (with the skin), fried or pickled.