Rock Chives Cress

Origin: Chinese Mountains
Flavour: mild garlic
Use: beef stew, Bruschetta, pâté
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: year-round
Shelf Life: between 36 - 39°F
Packaging: available as a single variety box (16 cups)

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The Chive is a member of the allium family, which also includes onions, garlic –and lilies! It was first discovered more than 5000 years ago in China. Rock Chives Cress is a chive type from the mountain regions of East Asia. Especially in China it is used in various dishes for its fine taste.The funny looking flag on the leaf is the start of the sprout. The seeds stick to this ‘flag’ and give it a decorative effect. The taste differs from the ordinary Chives as it has a distinct garlic flavour.

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