Sechuan Button

Origin: Africa & China
Flavour: electifying, sparkling, tingling sensation
Use: champagne cocktails, crudo, sorbet
Culture: -
Availability: year-round
Shelf Life: Can be kept inside as well as outside the cool storage
Packaging: A clamshell contains 30 pieces

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"Electric" feeling. First time users, taste sparingly!

To munch on, in a cocktail, crumbled in a sorbet or an ice cream, with the desserts, for dressing, with raw fish, as palate cleanser…

The taste is for some people like "electric". It reminds them of when they were kids putting 9v batteries on their tongue for fun.The Sechuan Button sensation starts with a champagne-like tingling on the top of your tongue. After that it will move through your mouth with a kind of “PopRocks™” feeling… In short, you hate it or you love it but you will remember it with a smile! An advice for the first time tasters: be careful and taste a small pinch at a time…
With our Sechuan Buttons, we won the Innovation Award of the StarChefs Congress 2008 in New York City.