Tahoon Cress

Origin: The Himalayas
Flavour: forest, mild garlic, mushroom, roasted beechnut
Use: beef bourguignon, coq au vin
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: year-round
Shelf Life: Tahoon Cress can be stored inside the cooling as well as outside. But beware that outside the cooling it will continue growing. After all it is a small tree with the ambition to become 23 feet tall! (Although the tree is not likely to survive in our climate)
Packaging: available as a single variety box (16 cups)

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Tahoon Cress is harvested on the north side of the Himalayas. In early spring, women collect the freshly germinating seedlings from under the trees. The young sprouts are then used in dishes. In local folklore it is described as a stimulant for the stomach. Its taste is really surprising and attractive. The seeds themselves have a very strong beechnut flavor. This taste comes back in the young plants of Tahoon Cress and sticks on your tongue for a long time. We cultivate the product a bit longer as is done in nature, because we believe that the secondary leaves make the product more attractive, giving it a higher decorative value.