A tripod doesn't wobble

Koppert Cress is a high-profile company that has built up a good image within a short space of time as an innovative, creative and trendsetting business. Without doubt, director and owner Rob Baan can take the credit for this. He set up a company in his own way, as a result of which that company is unique within the Netherlands and sets an example for the field of horticulture.

Prior to the takeover of the company in 2002, there was a need for support to achieve the purchasing required and to fulfil Rob's dream. As a good entrepreneur, Rob realised that he needed to find the best partners in this regard to
complement his own abilities. Theo Cuppen was part of his extensive network - a friend and former colleague who, together with his business partner Altai Lin, was looking for investment opportunities within the horticultural sector. As the owners of a comprehensive seed company, operating under the names Inova Seed and Oriental Seed, both were looking for initiatives outside the seed industry but with a connection to their core activities.

The cooperation has now been extended to include additional activities. The three entrepreneurs therefore started up the new ‘Art of Nature’ organisation. The name ‘Art’ comprises the first letters of the three entrepreneurs' forenames: Altai, Rob and Theo. This stable ‘tripod’ owes its strength to the individual knowledge and skills of the participants which, when combined, result in a strong organisation. 

Theo Cuppen is the manager of the seed companies and is responsible for the smooth running of logistical matters relating to the seed and the complex international communications and financial dealings. Theo looks at new developments and commercial opportunities for the future in his down-to-earth manner. 

Altai Lin is the down-to-earth manager of a variety of production locations in China and Vietnam, with an outstanding overview of the activities. In this regard, he is constantly looking for new combinations. As the most senior of the three, Altai also has the most experience and is able to judge the true value of situations with the poise and patience of the East. Altai is able to produce what Rob thinks up. 

Rob Baan is the communicator and marketer of the trio. With vision and passion, he is not only able to produce an innovative product; he can also convince buyers of the strengths of his product and convince the rest of the world of the importance of healthy eating. Rob is constantly occupied with creating new products.

The extensive network that the trio has built up over the past thirty years forms the basis for the fulfilment of their dreams: the creation of attractive original products, cultivated under optimum conditions and with respect for both people and the environment. The world is their back garden, and nature is the source of their inspiration.