Bright colors, amazing shelf life... here come the Marigold flowers!

17 October 2018

We are talking about up to 14 days shelf life with an array of yellows, reds, and oranges, they can certainly bring an autumn kiss to any dish!

They’re fragrant like most flowers. Bitter and spicy like fresh Arugula with subtle hints of mint and thyme. 

Pluck the petals to add that fall feeling to your salads like this Marigold, Peach, Tomato, and Walnut Salad.

If you are looking to bring a new look, a new flavor, and something that will definitely wow the crowd this upcoming season then check out our Marigold Flowers! 

Origin: Central and South America
Flavor: Fragrant, slightly spicy and bitter. Hints of mint and tarragon
Use: Soups and Salads. Stunning garnish for appetizers and desserts
Availability: Year-Round
Shelf LifeUp to 14 days
Packaging: 50 ct. at 36° to 40°F.