Introducing BlinQ Blossom

19 May 2017

You’re going to literally flip your lid (or space helmet) for these new flowers!!! BlinQ Blossoms are out of this world! The Koppert Cress research and development team (think NASA, but with edible flowers instead of rocket fuel) has been hard at work to bring you the most innovative microgreens and specialties, and now we're ecstatic to be able to introduce to you our latest specialty production: Drum roll please....... The BlinQ Blossom! These stunning flowers have tiny glistening bubbles that cover the blossom and burst in the mouth with a fresh juicy brine. This is the caviar of edible flowers people!

  • Origin: Africa
  • Flavor: Juicy, Briny and Slightly Sour 
  • Availability: Year-round 
  • Storage: Up to seven days at 36 to 40ºF
  • Packaging: 50 ct. Blossoms
  • Description: The blossoms look as though they are made from crystals or frozen in ice! The delicate flowers have white filament thin petals and some pink and purple tinting. Perfect as an added salty pop of flavor to vegetable dishes, or your favorite fish or shellfish preparation. You could even serve them with blini and crème fraiche as a vegetarian caviar appetizer. However you choose to use them, both Earthlings and Martians alike will go gaga over these cosmic beauties!