The new kid on the block... Cornabria Blossom

7 February 2017

Ready to add a rainbow of colors to your plate? Make it pop this season with Cornabria Blossoms. The Quarter sized Edible Pansy!

Cornabria hails from the wood violet family and is available in a great variety of colors. The origins of the plant can be traced to the high mountains of Northern Spain where Cornabria in countless shades and sizes can be found. We have selected the most beautiful color variations and make them available at a moments notice. 

Cornabria's bright and delicate blossoms elevate a wide spectrum of dishes and provide a beautiful addition to plate presentations. It's subtle minty flavor makes it an easy and natural accompaniment to many flavors-savory or sweet. Use can range from cocktails and desserts, to salads, shellfish and vegetable dishes.


Pairs well with: Fruit, Desserts (Ice-cream, Panna Cotta, custard, curd), Shellfish (esp. lobster), Salad, Vegetables, Chicken and Pork Dishes.

Example Dish: Butter Poached Lobster with Cornabria Blossoms, Corn and Lemongrass Broth, and Sweet Pepper Succotash.