Pepquiños are baaaccckkk!!!

19 July 2017

It’s a cucumber! It’s a watermelon! It’s… it’s… Pepquiños!

These unusual grape-sized veggies are back in town and better than ever!

  Carpaccio & Pepquiño  Tomato Salad & Pepquiño  

The Pepquiño is a micro cucumber that looks like a tiny watermelon. It has a refreshingly tart cucumber / melon flavor and can be eaten whole with the skin, or sliced. They make an eye-catching cocktail garnish, an excellent pickle, or a wonderful accompaniment to a fresh fish crudo.

Your imagination is the limit!


Origin: South America

Flavor: Fresh cucumber with slightly sour flavor

Use: Appetizers, snacks, salads or stir-fry. Can be eaten whole

Availability: From Summer to Fall

Storage: Store up for up to ten days at 36 to 40°F

Packaging: Tamper-evident clamshell 8 oz. (approx. 9 pieces for 1 oz.)

More information on the Pepquiños can be found here: