20 September 2017

As if forged by the Sun God himself, Helios Cress has arrived at Koppert Cress!

Its beautiful leaves and intense flavor are enough to make any titan swoon.

Our living micro version of the towering sunflower plant packs all the...

19 July 2017

It’s a cucumber! It’s a watermelon! It’s… it’s… Pepquiños!

These unusual grape-sized veggies are back in town and better than ever!


06 July 2017

It’s just not hot enough here in New York, so we’ve packed our SPF 85 and we’re on our way to join you in Orlando for the 2017 National ACF Convention!

We’re bringing a mind-blowing summer time lineup of specialties like Pepquiños...

23 June 2017

What a reaction! Watch what happens when she tastes just a pinch of our Sechuan Button - it's a doozy!. 

19 May 2017

You’re going to literally flip your lid (or space helmet) for these new flowers!!! BlinQ Blossoms are out of this world! The Koppert Cress research and development team (think NASA, but with edible flowers instead of rocket fuel) has been hard at...